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Yokota tax accounting office

Machida city, Tokyo, Japan.

Takeshi Yokota

                 Tax accountant


Yokota tax accounting office supports your business in Japan with tax-related services and accounting.

We provide tax accounting and consulting services for your business. We also support foreign companies and individuals doing business or starting up a business in Japan.

We support book-keeping and preparation of tax declarations, notifications, payroll, and anything else you need to do business in Japan.

We started in March 2018 in Japan. Before that, our tax accountant, Mr.Yokota worked for tax offices as an auditor.

We can provide you with a wide range of support for book-keeping, accounting, and tax return preparation, tax planning strategy, and tax investigation.

We do tax returns for individuals. In some cases, you may have to file a tax return if you own a business, receive a salary from more than two places, or have income from overseas.

We place importance on communication to provide the best advice to make your business more effective and efficient, because business style is different for each company.

We offer the best consulting under Japanese regulations to enhance your profitability

Our three selling points

1 Communication

We focus on communication to provide you the best solutions.   Different people have different aims, hopes, intentions, and problems.   We listen to you.

2 Agility

We response quickly to produce better results.

3 Advice

We provide the best advice to benefit clients.

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                      Tel    042-851-8432