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Our services are

For companies For individuals

Business startup support
Book-keeping services
Accounting services
Payroll services
Consulting on :
Tax returns
Financial planning
International taxation
Mediation for tax examination

Tax returns
Business startup support
Preparation of tax declarations as follows
Income tax
Consumption tax
Local tax
Required notifications
Tax declarations for individuals
who have their own business, income from real estate,
investments, dividends, and capital gains.


These fees fluctuate depending on the type of industry, business conditions, and how autonomous your book-keeping is.

company                                                                           (yen)

Annual sales  Monthly fee Tax return  Total
25M 20,000 100,000 340,000
40M 22,000 110,000 450,000
80M 25,000 150,000 560,000
200M 35,000 250,000 670,000
over 200M contact us


17,000  monthly fee